"Janell and her team did a fantastic job Saturday. We got SO many compliments on the food - and service. We did have food left over - which pains me, particularly in light of the last minute panic call to increase it. I hope it wasn't an outrageous amount. Our count wound up at 243 - so there's your 50 extra servings. I am truly sorry. We had such a break with the weather, absolutely beautiful. Our old fashioned picnic came to fruition and it was just a blast. Plus, the crowning glory was the band. If you ever need a raggae band, these are your guys. Really a fun day. Words cannot express my profound gratitude to you, Steve. I will get a letter to you soon but please know how much we appreciated your kindness and your generosity. Please convey to Janell what a great job she and her assistants did...they were perfect."

D, email