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Poolside Peach Sangria

They say summer is the ideal time for having friends over and hanging out in the pool. In all my years of growing up in Phoenix, not only did I never have a pool, but none of my friends did either. At least that’s what they told me. I was never invited over to verify. It was only two years ago that the lovely wife and I finally got our act together and bought a house with a pool, and since then we’ve had a few parties, and while summertime pool parties are fun (especially for kids), I think the best time for a pool party is right now, at the beginning of fall.

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FOOD: The local and organic issue

When engaging in the idea to completely transform our kitchens and menu development to best reflect our ethical goals, we naturally looked at both local industry and industry throughout the country in order to determine what choices would align best with our goals and even more simply, what choices we had. There are so many layers to ethical food purchasing including, but not limited to, the farming method, the distance the food travels, animal treatment and pollution. In many regions, such as the Pacific Northwest, the abundance of ethically grown, local food is such that it wouldn’t make sense to source ingredients that were not local. But our reality is that we buy and sell food in the Sonoran Desert. Our location impacts our options and our decisions.

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